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Abaca products are patiently and meticulously handwoven by the weavers of CARAGA region. They materialize from the intimate relationship we have nurtured with abaca through the years. This relationship enables us to bring forth the abaca’s intrinsic beauty in our products.



Abaca, internationally known as Manila hemp, is indigenous to the Philippines. Its fibers are used for weaving fabrics, while its outer, coarser fibers are used in the manufacture of matting and durable cordage. The abaca plant is indigenous to the Philippines and our country is the world’s largest source and supplier of abaca fiber.

The local name of the plant is abaca and its scientific name is muse textiles. Abaca is an indigenous material, a native plant of the Philippines, from which the world famous Manila hemp is extracted. It is a member of the banana family and one who is not familiar with either banana or abaca could easily mistake one for the other because of the resemblance in appearance. Abaca is smaller than banana although some varieties under favorable conditions equal the banana and at times are even taller. Abaca, however, is distinguishable from the banana and similar plants through its general coloration and formation of leaves, trunks, and fruits. The slender leaves of abaca are narrower with pointed ends and glossy green whereas banana plants have leaves that are broader and somewhat whitish. The hearts, trunks, and fruits of banana plants are relatively bigger than those of abaca.

Creative talent and a lot of hard work complete our designs. Engineering and modern color technology provide the refined, textured look demanded by today’s lifestyle.
Similar to bamboo, abaca is grown widely in many tropical countries. It is one of the many species of banana native to the Philippines. The strong fiber is also known as “manila hemp” and is used to make currency bills, twines, ropes and clothing.


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