AGSAM Product

AGSAM Products

Agsam strip is a versatile material, it can be woven into intricately
designed and unique fashion accessories. After taking the form of
handicrafts and fashion accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, bangles,
handbags, and many other novel items, these are then accented with
semi-precious stone and beads and other materials for a classier look. The
innermost core of the stem of the fern is the one that is needed in the
furniture industries. The furniture industry discovered this material
recently as very decorative accent for laminations of tabletops, doors and

Nito for tagalog or Agsam for bikolanoes is a plant belonging to the fern
family that grows abundantly in the hinterlands of the Mindanao region.
This scrambling fern is very common in the Philippines at low and medium





AGSAM Products are Nito or agsam strips that are taken from the innermost core of the stem, which
is about the diameter of a pencil. One has to remove the outermost layer of
the stem to get the strips. The raw agsam strips are further cleaned
manually with a sharp improvised knife, taking at least two hours to clean
a small bundle.

When clean, the strips are then divided to the desired width with a pair
of scissors. Since its natural color is either light brown or dark brown,
the dyeing process only involves burying the strips in mud for two days,
and washing them to attain a black color.




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